22st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May 31 - Jun 2, 2019

During long winter nights we developed several creative ideas to improve the attractiveness of 24-hour-orienteering. These innovations are fixed in the new rules.

Two years ago the youth relay over 4-hours took place for the first time. This was a great success and the youth relay will be expanded to 6-hours this year. We are happy that also the youngest runners are infected with the 24-hour-orienteering “virus”.

All important changes for the adults (24- and 12-hours) we be explained in the following sentences. At the beginning of the competition all teams have 6 Theme Courses (TH). Teams with an odd start number will start with a difficult course (TH1) and the teams with an even start number get an easy course (TH3). The second course is equal for all teams (TH2). After that the remaining 4 theme courses can be run in any desired order. For teams with odd start numbers that are the easy courses TH3-6 and for the other teams TH1 and the 3 easy courses TH4-6. After two to two and a half hours the fastest teams should be finished with the pool of theme courses und you have the opportunity to check easily the strength of your team. You start number will be presented in the registration list. Changes of the running order are without charge until the 25th of May. In the competition the courses will be run in the known order: daytime courses, twilight courses, night courses and at the end one final course. For the pools of daytime- and night courses we only distinguish between easy and difficult courses. We will provide more short courses to increase the suspense of the competition. The final course data will be presented in due time on our webpage and in the program booklet.

The new rules are here.