22st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May 31 - Jun 2, 2019

24-Hour Orienteering Relay 12-Hour Orienteering Relay

24- Hour Orienteering Relay

1. General
The Thuringian 24-hour Orienteering relay is a cyclic relay competition that takes 24 hours. The members of a relay team (which will be called runners beneath) run different courses one after another.

2. Team Constelation
Six runners (starting at W/M -16) form a team. They do not have to be in the same club. There a following rules for the constellation: At least 2 women and not more than 3 men that start in the classes M19-34 in a team. Teams, that do not fulfill those requirements are allowe to start as outside competition.

3. Team Registration
The registration requires name, age and SI-numbers of all them members, the name of the team (not more then 24 letters) and the order that the participants will be running in. Changes of the name or running order are possible for a fee until one hour before start.

4. Running Order/ Start Nmmbers
The order of the runners that is stated in the registration hast to continue dunr the whole competition. Otherwise the team will be disqualified.
The start number is bound to the runner and has to be worn well visible on the chest.

runner 1.runner 2.runner 3. runner 4.runner 5. runner 6.runner
Startnummer *** A *** B *** C *** D *** E *** F

*** stand for a team`s start number that will be assigned by the host

5. Competition Schedule
→ 5.1 Start
The mass start is on Saturday at 9.00 AM. The first runner of each team starts and has to be in his position as indicated by the start number 5 minutes before start. He has to wait to take his map with the starting signal.

→ 5.2 Changeover
The changeover between the members of each relay team has to place by touch like in a normal relay competition. The starting runner is only allowed to run again after all other members have done a changeover.
The runners receive their map behind the start in a separate area. The competitor is responsible for taking the right map. After finishing a course the map has to be handed in at the finish. If a map is not handed in the team will be disqualified.

→ 5.3 Courses

  • The starting runner has to absolve the given course and course legs.The different start courses are assigned by the competition host.
Start Course
Category / Code Number of Courses Orienteering Level Approximate Time
SF 1 difficult 30 minutes
  • After completing the start course every team has its own pool of different day courses available.
Category/Code Number of Courses Orienteering Level Approximate Time
LD 3-5* difficult 60 minutes
LE 3-5* easy 55 minutes
SD 3-5* difficult 40 minutes
SE 3-5* easy 35 minutes
  • At dusk every team has to absolve 2 "twilight" courses not matter if all day courses have been finished yet or not. The specific time when a team has to switch over to the twilight course will be annouced until 19 PM or until one hour before the switchover. If a team has absolved all day courses before this moment it can run the twilight courses earlier.
Dusk/Twilight Courses
Category/Code Number of Courses Orienteering Level Approximate Time
LT 1 easy 35 minutes
ST 1 easy 25 minutes
  • After completing the twilight course every team has its own pool of different night courses available.
Night Courses
Category/Code Number of Courses Orienteering Level Appproximate Time
LDN 3-5* difficult 45 minutes
LEN 3-5* easy 40 minutes
SDN 3-5* difficult 35 minutes
SEN 3-5* easy 30 minutes
  • After completing all day and night courses a team will switch over to the final courses.
Final Coursel
Category/Code Numbers of Courses Orienteering Level Approximate Time
FF 6 difficult 30 minutes
  • The specific number and details of courses indicated with a * will be published before the competition. The number of night courses can be changed by the competition administration until 19 PM of the competition day.

6. Valuation of the different courses
If a course was not complete correctly (e.g. a miss punch, wrong order of the control stations) it will not count for a team's score. The runner is allowed to continue in the competition. The team will still be in the ranking list.
If the running time of a not correctly completed course is less than 30 minutes this team's total competition time will be reduced to 30 minutes less. Therefor the competition wil end 30 minutes earlier for this team.

7. Drop out of a runner
If all six team members have already completed at least one course each, the competition can be continued with only 5 runners. If there are two or more drop out the competition will and 30 minutes earlier for every drop out.
A team must notify the competition administration about every drop out until the start of the previous runner. Once a runner is dropped out he/she may not continue the competition later.

8. Finish
The relay ends on Sunday at 9.00 AM (exception describe in 6. and 7.). Courses that are finished later will not count for a team's score.

9. Final Result
Winner is the team with the highest number of correctly completed courses. If several teams have the same score the faster time wins.

10. Controls
The controls conform to IOF-standards, all controls have relfective stripes on each side (size: about. 15 cm x 5 cm).

Protests can be handed in to the competition administration until Sunday 9:30 AM.

12. Change of Rules
Different regulation that do not correspond to theses rules will be published in the program or posted on the information board until 2 hours before the relay start. All earlier rules or regulations are overruled by those.

12-Hour Orienteerung Relay

Rules of the 12-hours Relay that differ are the following:

  • Every team is allowed to have 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 runners.
  • Age, sex and starting category do not matter.
  • The competition ends on Saturday 9.00 PM.
  • All day courses may be completed as well as the twilight courses.

4-Hour Youth Relay

Rules of the 4-hours Relay that differ are the following:

  • Every team is allowed to have  3, 4, 5 or 6 runners.
  • W/M14 is the maximum age class allowed of any team member.
  • The starting sequence of runners is arbitrary, except that any changeover must take place between two runners.
  • The competition ends on Saturday 1.00 PM.
  • Courses correspond to the W/M10 to W/M14 levels of difficulty. The exact number and details of courses marked with a star in the table below will be announced prior to the competition.  
   Courses Youth Relay     
Categorie Abbr. Number of courses Level of performance
Starting course SFC 1 W/M10
4-hour easy EC 2-3* W/M10
4-hour intermediate MC 2-3* W/M12
4-hour difficult DC 2-3* W/M14
Finish course FFC 2 W/M10

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