24st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May10 - 12, 2024

Also for the 24th Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering we updated the rules a little bit. Each team will get a start course and after that you have the 6 theme courses. All other regulations, such as the twilight courses and the night courses, remain unaffected.

In a few days the course data will be published here.

Upcoming Sunday the entry for the 24th Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering will be closed. Now you should be fast to get your ticket for the legendary 24-hour-orienteering. We look forward to seeing you there.

We are very happy and delighted, that so many team registered during the first entry-period. Thank you all for this. We have already 150 team-entries for the 24th Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering. So far, we have 60 teams over the whole 24-hour, in the 12-hour-kategory there are 77 entries and the youth have already 13 teams.

The 2nd registration deadline is Easter Sunday, 31.03.2024. Take your mates and sport fans to register a team - of course for the 24-hour-relay. If you do so, we will reach the 1000 participants for the first time in history of the 24-hour-orienteering.

In just a few days we have the next deadline for entries for the legendary 24-hour-orienteering. Please make sure, that you enter your team until the 31th of March (Eastersunday). You can enter your team via the O-Manger or via E-Mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

We right now preparing everything for the competition including a comprehensive supporting program. On Friday evening we have the rock band "Coleslaw" to open the 24-hour-orienteering. During the competition you can relay in the sauna and on Saturday afternoon the small kids can go to the fabulist or can test there orienteering skills in the kids-orienteering.

We are glad to see you in Karolinenfield in a few weeks.

In a few days the entry for the 24th Thuringian 24-hour-orieneering-relay 2024 will start. Use your chance to find a relay-team with your friends. The entry will be open from 15th of January 2024.

We look forward to your numerous entries to reach the 1.000 participants limit.

The Hoh family's farm is really looking forward to our arrival.