23st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May27 - 29, 2022

Pictures from 24-hour-orienteering relay in Meiningen.

After long nights of results analsys we final can present you the offical results of the 23th Thuringian 24-Hour-Orienteering. You find the results here as pdf.

For the team-results follow the links below, regarding to your category:
Category 24-Hour
Category 24-Hour (out of competition)
Category 12-Hour
Category 6-Hour

and the course results.

The web links are not secured. You may need to confirm the access to the website manually in your browser.

The final bulletin for the 23. Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering 2022 is available for you.
Please use the following GPS-coordinates for your journey to the 24-hour-orienteering: 50.5703812, 10.4524556. The coordinates mark the entrance to the official parking.

On Wednesday we start installing the infrastructure for this year’s 23rd Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering. Beside a festival tent and enough toilets we build again a mobile sauna. Additionally we will install a small fire place, where you can warm up between your races.
Please use the following GPS-coordinates for your journey: 50.5703812, 10.4524556.
We are happy to see you in Meiningen on Friday.

The preparations for this year 24-hour-orienteering are on the home straights. On last Saturday many volunteers come to make the upcoming weekend an unforgettable experience. We planned and testes the computer network for the finish (e.g. SI-Read, results). A second team prepared the team bags and the third group checked and updated the material of the map hand out. We prepared 39 courses for the 24-hour category. The maps will be printed this week, so we are ready for the competition. Last but not least we hope the weather will show from the best side.
Our caterer has prepared a comprehensive buffet, which will be available around the clock: