23st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May27 - 29, 2022

Because of the uncertain situation around Corona and insufficient planning security we decided together with the partners from Meiningen to shift the 23rd Thuringian 24-Hour-Orienteering to 2022.

The new event date will be the weekend 27.-29. May 2022. We are happy to welcome you 2022 in Meiningen.

Because of the uncertain situation around Covid-19 we will announce by the end of January, if 2021 the 23rd Thuringia 24-Hour-Orienteering will take place or will be shifted by one year to 2022. We will discuss this in our organization team and with the officials form on-site. We ask for your patience.
In the beginning of February 2021 we open the online-entry, if we decide positive regarding holding the event.

We wish you a happy New Year and health with a lot of orienteering for 2021.

It took a while but finally we can present the invitation for the 23. Thüringer 24-Stunden-Orientierungslauf, which you can find here.

We are happy about all your countless entries.