24st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May10 - 12, 2024

We are very happy and delighted, that so many team registered during the first entry-period. Thank you all for this. We have already 150 team-entries for the 24th Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering. So far, we have 60 teams over the whole 24-hour, in the 12-hour-kategory there are 77 entries and the youth have already 13 teams.

The 2nd registration deadline is Easter Sunday, 31.03.2024. Take your mates and sport fans to register a team - of course for the 24-hour-relay. If you do so, we will reach the 1000 participants for the first time in history of the 24-hour-orienteering.

In a few days the entry for the 24th Thuringian 24-hour-orieneering-relay 2024 will start. Use your chance to find a relay-team with your friends. The entry will be open from 15th of January 2024.

We look forward to your numerous entries to reach the 1.000 participants limit.

The Hoh family's farm is really looking forward to our arrival.

After long nights of results analsys we final can present you the offical results of the 23th Thuringian 24-Hour-Orienteering. You find the results here as pdf.

For the team-results follow the links below, regarding to your category:
Category 24-Hour
Category 24-Hour (out of competition)
Category 12-Hour
Category 6-Hour

and the course results.

The web links are not secured. You may need to confirm the access to the website manually in your browser.

Pictures from 24-hour-orienteering relay in Meiningen.

Because of the local conditions in Meiningen it was necessary to improve the rules.

The changes in the rules are explained in the following sentences. As you may remember every team (12hour und 24hour) started with 6 Theme Courses (TH). The first course will be a difficult course (TH1). After that the remaining 5 theme courses can be run in any desired order. In the competition the courses will be run in the known order: daytime courses, twilight courses, night courses and at the end one final course.

The courses with high orienteering level will get the abbreviation H for hard. The other courses with low orienteering level will have the abbreviation E for easy.

The new rules are here.