21st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May 26 - 28, 2017

From now on, the program booklet can be viewed online as a PDF file with all the important information about this year's 24-hours orienteering race. The 24 pages, partially in English, should help you getting into the mood for the competition.
Additionally we have two important pieces of information for you:
Any changes (SI chip, runners and their running order etc.) are only possible online, and thus free of charge, until 24th of May. After this date, changes can only be made for a (small) fee at the competition office in Etterwinden.
You will find the driving directions in the announcement for the 24-hours orienteering race (http://www.24h-ol.de/en/invitation). Coordinates of the entry to the competition centre are: 50.897635, 10.301799 (Jagdrasen, 36433 Moorgrund). When travelling by car, please pay attention to the speed cameras at the Eisenach town exit.

You can find the offers for meals and drinks for the 24-hour-orienteering here (only in German). The local clubs from Etterwinden and the restaurant "Rennsteigblick" offer a comprehensive menu. Also you can get the sought pancakes from the chef "Vitze".

The sale starts on Friday evening and will be continued on Saturday morning and during the whole race time. For the breakfast time there will be special offers. During the night time the menu is reduced.

The more beautiful days before Easter we used for controlling the accuracy of the map and the pre-marking of the control locations. In order to help you plan your teams, we posted the preliminary course data here. You can also have a look at the terrain description and get an impression of map and terrain with the links to the pictures below.

There will be a small change for the 24-hours and the 12-hours relay in this year’s competition: you will benefit from an additional SE course (now 5 instead of 4).

Please also note the rules for the running order of the courses.

Initially, the day courses can be run in any sequence (the voucher system of the 20th 24-hour orienteering relay has been adopted). From the time of the switch to the twilight courses no more day course is allowed to start with. The teams will have to complete the twilight courses before changing to the night courses, which again can be started in any order.

The final courses bear once again specific names and can be run in any order. The only exception is the FF6, the “final sprint”, which is definitively the last course to be taken. Corresponding to the starting course, this final course provides a visible control, too. 

Map example
map 1 map 2  map 3

Terrain image
image 1    image 2      image 3

We are glad to offer you some beds in the hotel “Waldgasthof und Rennsteighotel Hubertushaus” (Ascherbrück 1, 99842 Ruhla, Germany) just 5 driving minutes away from the competition centre. The hotel is located in the middle of the forest and the famous hiking trail Rennsteig is passing by in front. You can book a bed from 26th to 28th of May by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will allocate the beds in the order of registration.
More information about the hotel are available on the webseite http://www.hubertushaus-ruhla.de (only in German).

The prices incl. VAT and excl. visitors tax are:
Double bedroom incl. breakfast per person and night: 32,50 Euro
Double room incl. breakfast per person and night: 37,50 Euro (extra bed with breakfast: 20)
Visitors tax: 1,20 Euro

In total 150 teams registered before the first due date, among them 12 teams entering the new 4-hour youth relay. Currently on the list are approximately the same numbers of teams participating either in the 24-hour or the 12-hour relay.

But, as revealed by a look at the registration list, not all teams are complete.

These open team positions are highlighted in yellow as well as runners with missing SI-Chip numbers.

This year, unfortunately, we don’t have the possibility to run an exchange platform on our own web page, because the person in charge couldn’t find the time for programming and support of the platform.

Therefore, to support you in completing the teams, we have set an exchange under: www.orientierungslauf.de/2/2/2?mid=38298&seite=. Here, single runners can find teams and teams can search for running mates.

Attention teams! A team name highlighted in orange means, that we didn’t receive the entry fee yet.

Please note, that the upcoming second deadline is April 15. Register by this date and save with a still reduced entry fee.