22st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May 31 - Jun 2, 2019

The first registration period for this year's 24-hour orienteering ends on March 23th. We are looking forward to numerous registrations and would like to remind you that the duration of the youth relay has been extended from last time’s 4 hours to now 6 hours. On Friday evening the rock band "Blackout" (https://www.blackoutband.de/) from Jena will heat you up. There will also be a fairytale hour for all the young and young-at-heart on Saturday afternoon. Just like two years ago there will be a sauna where you can relax after the races. So be fast now and use the cheapest registration price.

We’d like to inform you, that we will not provide SPORTident Air+ during the 24-hour-orienteering. Contactless punching is not supported in the competition. Our SI-stations are working in the normal mode, therefore you must punch physically by inserting your SI-card into the SI-station at every control (including the finish). The reason for this decision is, that we cannot guarantee that the batteries in the SI-stations will last 24 hours in the AIR+ mode.

During long winter nights we developed several creative ideas to improve the attractiveness of 24-hour-orienteering. These innovations are fixed in the new rules.

The first entries have been received and we have started to fill up the list with the incoming messages. Please check the data you submitted, especially for correct SI chip numbers.

The following additional information is shown in the entry list:
Runner names displayed with a yellow background point out a missing SI chip number, team names with an orange background indicate, that no entry fee has been received yet.

Current entry list

Anyone who has read carefully will have noticed that the rules do not quite fit together with the tender. We are currently working on update the rules in a timely manner. Essential ingredients, such as e.g. Team composition will not be changed.